SMS / Text Marketing

Text Customers, Prospects and Staff

Everybody uses their cell phones now. The use of cell phones for marketing has become an advantage to delivering direct messages and business content to over thousands of customers! That's why at Digital Marketing For Dealers you can brand your content exactly how you want it within 72 characters, and we help you get the word out there.

Equipment dealers aren't an exception when it comes to using the cell phone for a marketing tool. Text Marketing delivers your message in a direct and personalized manner. Doing it correctly is the key ingredient to successful campaigns.

text illustration

We have an excellant platform that is very competitive in cost and ease of use.  We don't make a penny when you use this service unless you need help setting it up or setting up broadcasts for you. We are interested in putting money back in your pocket as a dealer. This state of the art system is flexible and user friendly and if you have concerns, call us.You can set them up in advance and they are on the money when it comes time to deliver. 

Not sure how to gather customer information? The information that was gathered by our pop up form on your website can be exported to the sms platform and used for that application as well. It can also be separated into groups, so text broadcasting particular groups of interest is as easy as a click of the button.

You'll be tops in brand awareness when they need products or services.
If you deliver relevant content that they appreciate, they'll continue opening your email.
Regular readers can become regular customers and a great asset in your AOR.