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Equipment Locator has specialized in digital marketing for dealers since day one. With decades of expertise, we understand precisely what dealers need to elevate their brand visibility and drive sales. Our proven marketing strategies focus on building your brand identity, enhancing your content, increasing traffic, and boosting your sales. Trust us to deliver tailored marketing solutions that cater to the unique needs of each dealer.

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Build relationships.
Get more leads.

Move more inventory.

Digital Marketing for Dealers / Equipment Locator transcends traditional equipment marketing strategies. Beyond simply displaying your logo on a website, choosing a unique domain name, or listing your inventory in print, we focus on forging strong customer identities and building lasting relationships. With a foundation in Tom Rowe's extensive experience in dealership ownership and equipment sales since the mid-90s, we've harnessed the power of the internet to market used machinery effectively.

As pioneers in online equipment listings, Digital Marketing for Dealers / Equipment Locator introduced its services in 1995, revolutionizing how dealers market their equipment. Our platform was the first to offer an interactive interface that provided real-time results for dealers uploading their equipment online.

We are not just the longest-running online equipment listing service; we are visionaries. Long before many top equipment manufacturers established a significant online presence, we were creating customized websites for their dealers, setting a high standard in digital marketing for equipment dealerships.

You be the driver is designed to boost your leads, accelerate sales, and facilitate inventory reduction. We established Equipment Locator to transform the way dealers market their equipment and engage with customers. Since our inception, Digital Marketing for Dealers / Equipment Locator has consistently innovated and set industry standards, always striving for excellence and integrity in every aspect of our service. Our team is dynamic, efficient, creative, and relentlessly competitive, committed to surpassing your expectations.

At Digital Marketing for Dealers / Equipment Locator, we prioritize putting your inventory in front of qualified buyers. Unlike many other listing services, we offer bespoke website design and sophisticated inventory marketing and management solutions. What sets us apart? Control remains firmly in your hands. The data and content belong to you, ensuring that all traffic generated is directed to your site, enhancing your SEO and marketing effectiveness.

We celebrate your success rather than penalize it, focusing our efforts on increasing your website's relevance and your business's prominence. Our marketing strategies are crafted to efficiently convert your assets into revenue.

Choose Digital Marketing for Dealers / Equipment Locator if you seek a high-performance selling platform tailored to the unique needs of dealerships. Our passion is empowering dealerships to succeed in a competitive marketplace.