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Digital Marketing for Dealers / Equipment Locator has been in the marketing business for longer than the internet boom of the mid-90's and with years of background experience, we know as a marketing company what every dealer needs to get their product out there: your brand, your identity, your content, your traffic, your sales.

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Build relationships.
Get more leads.

Move more inventory.

There is more to equipment marketing than getting your logo on a website, picking a unique domain name, or getting your inventory to print. You have an identity to forge with your customers. You have relationships to build. Digital Marketing for Dealers / Equipment Locator is designed to market and to sell your inventory. But it's also built to help you build those relationships with your customers.test

Our roots are in Tom Rowe's decades of ownership and sales and service roles in equipment dealerships. In the mid-90s, the internet provided a new opportunity for dealers to market their used machinery, and Digital Marketing for Dealers / Equipment Locator made it possible for them to take advantage of that opportunity. Digital Marketing for Dealers / Equipment Locator isn't the only online equipment listing company, but we've been doing it the longest. In 1995, ELS pioneered equipment listing with a vision to revolutionize how dealers market equipment. From the beginning, Digital Marketing for Dealers / Equipment Locator developed an interactive interface in real time, allowing dealers to input their equipment online and get immediate results.

Digital Marketing for Dealers / Equipment Locator is visionary and a pioneer for equipment listing services. Before many top equipment manufacturers had a legitimate web presence, we were pioneering custom sites for their equipment dealers.

You be the driver was created to generate more leads, accelerate your sales and spark inventory reduction. We founded Equipment Locator to revolutionize how dealers market equipment and communicate with their customers. Digital Marketing for Dealers / Equipment Locator has been pushing the envelope since day one. We are driven to be the best in the business, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard of excellence and integrity. We are flexible, sleek, efficient, nimble, creative, and competitive, driven to exceed your expectations.

Digital Marketing for Dealers / Equipment Locator is committed to putting your equipment inventory in the hands of qualified buyers. We design private label websites and provide inventory marketing and management solutions. So do a lot of other listing companies. What makes us different? You are in control. You're in the driver seat. The data and the content are yours, which means the traffic we drive to your website is yours. In a search engine optimization world, we care that your search engine relevance is of utmost importance for your marketing success.

We don't punish you for your success. We focus our time and energy on building the relevance of your website and the importance of your business. What's yours is yours. Simply put, our marketing solutions are designed to turn your assets into new revenue.

Why choose Digital Marketing for Dealers / Equipment Locator for your dealership? It's simple. Providing dealerships with a high performance selling platform is our passion.