Marketing Parts Online

Parts. Every equipment dealer wants to sell more. Do you have obsolete parts taking up space in your bins? Scrapping is one way to dispose of them but you'll be lucky to get pennies on the dollar back. Why not try to sell them?

We've taken our private label technology for equipment inventory and redeveloped it for your parts. It's super easy to keep up-to-date and drives quality traffic to your website. The best news is that it isn't limited to obsolete parts. In fact, you should have ALL of your parts online. Without using an expensive solution from one of the parts book technology companies, we can build rich search engine friendly content on your website. The major manufacturers will only provide a solution that runs the purchase through their system which means you won't always get the sale. Take the initiative to sell more parts. Now is the time to promote this to your own customer base for ordering regular replacement parts.

Here are some dealers taking advantage of our Parts Marketing System



Spreadsheet Template Information

You can upload either a CSV or an Excel XLSX file.

You can click here to download a blank Microsoft Excel template for use in uploading your data. If you are using an excel spreadsheet, only the first sheet in the file will be imported. All other sheets are ignored.

You can use some or all of the columns from the template as long as you have the required columns. The store location and state columns are required when a store is not selected for this import.

The columns can be in any order. Here's a screengrab of the format required...

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