YouTube Video Marketing

youtube marketing2
YouTube is the new black

YouTube may be one of the most visited websites on the planet. But it’s also an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

You don’t need a fancy production company. With a quality smartphone you can create an informative and compelling video of a piece of inventory.  Use your phone! Give your buyer a chance to hear you, hear the machine, and see it smoothly operating up close and personal.

Your buyers are familiar with YouTube. They have the mobile smartphones and tablets to see your inventory anytime, anywhere. 40% of YouTube views are via a mobile device. Pages with video attract two to three times as many monthly visitors, double time spent on websites, and enable a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. Few marketing tools are more effective than a short video of your asset under the spotlight.

You shoot the video. We handle the heavy lifting. Equipment Locator’s video system actively synchronizes your YouTube video description anytime you make a change to the description, price, etc. Once you upload it to YouTube through our Equipment Locator interface it’s a hands off process.

YouTube enhances your brand. You meet more customers. You sell more inventory.