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Digital Marketing For Dealer's e-mail services are not just some multi-tenant cloud-based software, we are equipped with professional anti-spam and anti-virus software to keep the communication between you and the customer safe. And because our hardware and infrastructure are established at one of the premier data centers in the U.S, information is much safer from getting breached.

microsoft exchange

Hosted Email Services from Digital Marketing For Dealers since 1997. That's right, for nearly twenty years we have been hosting email for thousands of equipment dealers across the U.S., Canada, and into Europe. We use the best in class enterprise level email server from Microsoft, Exchange Server. It is compatible with multiple versions of Microsoft Outlook and has a fantastic webmail interface. Simply put, it's the best there is.

Digital Marketing For Dealers Hosted Email Services provide you with secure communications between you and your customers. We are NOT located in some multi-tenant cloud but instead have our dedicated hardware and infrastructure at one of the premier data centers in the U.S. We employ hardware level anti-spam and anti-virus scanning/interception. That means we don't run your email through an outside company to test it before delivering it to you. We own the devices and have them on-site with the email server for maximum security.

Plenty of storage and convenient access means you don't have to constantly be deleting email to make room for more. Do you want to archive email? We have many dealers that do this for liability reasons as well as for monitoring employee email. We also use an enterprise class email archiving solution. You have indefinite retention and you control access to it. All email is backed up with our professional data backup and recovery system whether it is or isn't archived.

Our technical support is 2nd to none. In fact, every year many of our customers send gift baskets to our technical support department during the holidays. 

exchange email hosting


  • Synchronize all of your business activity: email, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, and reminders.
  • Enjoy seamless productivity without boundaries across your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • Protect sensitive data.
  • Work in the safety and security of a hosted Exchange environment with the kind of capacity that will handle anything you throw at it.


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